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Basement Lowering in Toronto and Basement Reinforcement Specialists. More details from the city of Toronto here: Click Here

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Transform your dark, damp basement into a bright, inviting space. Let us underpin it, reinforce the structure, and eliminate any leaks for a beautiful, worry-free space.

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    Excellence Since 2009

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    Tired of dealing with a wet, unusable basement? Protect your biggest investment with our top-rated basement underpinning and waterproofing services. Trust us to keep your home safe and dry.

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      Now is the best time to Waterproof Your Home! Learn more about Toronto`s

      Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

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      Your trusted UNDERPINNING Specialists

      Basement Lowering Services

      Need to lower your basement floor? We’ve got you covered!

      Your Reliable Waterproofing Specialists

      Flooded Basement?

      Count on us for the right solutions!

      We can redirect water from the base of your home

      Sump Pump Installation Services

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      icyreno about us

      IcyReno Waterproofing Corp. is a reputable industry leader in Toronto, Ontario, offering stress-free underpinning, waterproofing, and drainage services for residential and commercial properties. Our team of underpinning experts has the necessary expertise and experience to utilize the latest technologies and high-quality materials, ensuring safe and stable foundations that create comfortable living spaces for our clients.

      Our in-depth understanding of Toronto’s Building Permit Regulations equips us to handle any project with precision and efficiency. You can trust us to deliver top-quality solutions for all your underpinning needs.

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      • Dedicated & Experienced Team
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      • Best Prices in Toronto
      • Are Fully Licensed & Insured
      • Following Highest Industry Practices
      • Warranty up to 25 years!
      • Hustle-free Project Management
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      Basement & Foundation Underpinning

      Our Services

      A strong foundation is the key to a strong home – about overall stability and safety.

      Underpinning is a construction technique used to strengthen and stabilize an existing foundation that has weakened or settled over time. This is typically achieved by excavating and pouring concrete below the existing foundation to increase its depth and support. It can be necessary for a variety of reasons, including changes in soil conditions, the addition of extra stories to a building, or the need to repair damage to the foundation. Ensure your property longevity and safety with IcyReno Underpinning Services!

      Basement Underpinning

      With engineering, modern construction and waterproofing, we can convert your basement into a liveable space.

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      Interior Waterproofing

      Interior waterproofing ensures the water that leaks into the basement is re-routed out and away from the home.

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      Exterior Waterproofing

      Using different materials, sealants and drains to collect, redirect or remove water from the basement.

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      Backwater Valve & Sump Pump

      Efficiently redirect water from the base of your home and also keep your property safe during severe storms.

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      Drain Systems

      Installing, repairing, renewing and unblocking different sorts of drains as well as drainage systems.

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      Basement Concrete Flooring

      A durable and economical flooring option that can be finished in a variety of colours, stains, and aggregates.

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      Don’t Wait for Water Damage

      Water & Floor Damage – Get Expert Solutions!

      Water damage can wreak havoc on any property, causing a wide range of issues that can be expensive to repair and even hazardous to your health. At IcyReno Waterproofing Corp., we prioritize your safety and ensure your home remains dry.

      Wet basements are a common problem caused by groundwater swelling, condensation, and runoff. Preventative measures can save you the headache of spending thousands of dollars on repairs and damage control. To combat this, we offer a range of water damage restoration and stabilize foundation solutions, such as installing a perimeter drain system, using a dehumidifier, lowering basement, and many more.

      Save yourself from unwanted surprises. Be prepared and trust our underpinning and drainage system services to keep your home safe and dry.

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      Savings for Toronto homeowners

      Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

      Homeowners of single-family, duplex, or triplex residential properties can apply online for a subsidy of up to $3,400 per property. The following types of work are eligible: installation of a backwater valve; installation of a sump pump; plus severance and capping of an external weeping tile connection or storm sewer line.

      The Rebate Includes:

      • Installation of alarm for sump pump.

      • Installation of backup power for sump pump.

      • Installation or replacement of sump pump.

      Rebate Details
      icyreno underpinning waterproofing

      Delivering the right solutions & Expert Workmanship

      We Design & Build Projects

      For over two decades, we have worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as a reputable and reliable source for underpinning, lowering, concrete flooring, waterproofing, and other related services. Our team is continuously evolving to improve and keep up-to-date through regular training and education, ensuring that we provide only the best service to all our clients.

      As a leading waterproofing and underpinning company in the Greater Toronto Area, we are able to respond to emergencies promptly and provide services city-wide.

      We Specialize In:

      • Basement Lowering
      • Basement Underpinning
      • Basement Leak Repairs
      • Basement Concrete Flooring
      • Basement Waterproofing
      • Foundation Waterproofing & More!
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      Recent Projects – Completed Successfully!

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      Our Client Testimonials

      george shimi
      george shimi
      I recently hired ICYReno for my Etobicoke bungalow to do my basement waterproofing, new drainage and sump pump back flow valve, they completed the job in a timely manner and clean. I would highly recommend them.
      Tanya Galante
      Tanya Galante
      We hired ICYReno to underpin our basement, which included excavating under an addition, and installing a new beam to replace a load bearing block wall. From start to finish and beyond, Igor was always prompt in responding to any questions or issues. Since the workers were on site from Monday to Saturday, week after week, the job was completed in a timely fashion. I’d recommend Igor and his team without hesitation.
      Shiv A
      Shiv A
      Igor and his team did a great job with the installation of the sump pump and backflow valve. I would highly recommend this company. Igor and his team were extremely professional and on time from day 1, they completed the work on time and within my schedule. Even after completing the job, I told Igor I did not like something and he sent a crew the next day to fix it to my liking. @ICY Reno thank you for the great job, looking forward to working with you again.
      Arthur Boomin
      Arthur Boomin
      I am very happy with the external waterproofing job on my basement. Nazar and his team have a very good work ethic, are hard-working, highly experienced, and are truly skilled professionals. I recommend IcyReno for their reliable waterproofing and unbeatable prices!
      nick popov
      nick popov
      I live downtown Toronto and every time it rained this year I’ve been expediting leaks in my basement. I had no idea where it was coming from! My friend recommended ICY Reno. Great guys, experienced and friendly. I highly recommend ICYReno to anyone experiencing the same issues I did.
      Violette M
      Violette M
      ICY Reno underpinned my 600 sq.ft basement in the Annex area of Toronto. They also recommended a local heating artisan to build us a radiant heating system. The project came on budget and on time. Can't ask for more. Highly recommendable company.
      Roxane Grabe
      Roxane Grabe
      I had the best experience with ICY reno. The company did a basement crack in my house. They did the job very quickly and neatly despite the nasty weather conditions. Super professional and worked up to every of my expectations.

      COMMITTED To Quality 

      Protecting Homes
      One Project At A Time.

      Basement damage can happen when you least expect it! Our basement waterproofing experts are here to guarantee your home’s foundation stays dry when you need it most. Plus, if you decide you want to lower your basement a few feet down for extra space, we can integrate underpinning into our plan.

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