When it comes to maximizing living space in Toronto’s urban landscape, homeowners often turn to their basements for additional square footage. However, older homes with shallow foundations may pose limitations and prevent the full utilization of this valuable area. That’s where basement underpinning comes into play. Our team recently completed an underpinning project for a Toronto homeowner looking to expand their basement area.

Initial Inspection and Assessment: Our team conducted a thorough inspection of the client’s basement to identify any existing issues, such as cracks, water leaks, or structural problems. We assessed the soil conditions around the foundation and determined the need for underpinning based on the depth and stability of the existing foundation.

Consultation and Design: We discussed the project requirements with the client and listened to their concerns and objectives. Our engineering team created a comprehensive design plan that included the necessary underpinning measures to strengthen the foundation and address any existing issues. The design plan was shared with the client for approval before proceeding.

Excavation and Shoring: We started by excavating the soil around the foundation walls to create working space for the underpinning process. Temporary shoring was installed to support the existing foundation and prevent any collapse during the construction.

Underpinning Installation: Steel reinforcement beams were carefully placed and anchored to the existing foundation, extending the load-bearing capacity to a lower level. The underpinning process involved removing and replacing small sections of the existing foundation in a strategic sequence. Concrete footings were poured beneath the existing foundation to provide additional support.

Waterproofing and Drainage: Before backfilling, we installed a comprehensive waterproofing system to prevent water penetration into the basement. A combination of waterproof membranes, weeping tiles, and a sump pump system was installed to divert water away from the foundation and prevent hydrostatic pressure.

Backfilling and Site Restoration: The excavated area was backfilled with compacted soil in layers to ensure proper stability and prevent settlement. The site was cleaned up, and any debris was removed. Where necessary, landscaping and grading work were carried out to restore the area to its original condition.

Final Inspection and Client Handover: Our team conducted a final inspection to ensure the underpinning work met all the required standards and specifications. The client was given a walkthrough of the completed project, explaining the work that had been done and addressing any questions or concerns.

By reinforcing and expanding the foundation, we unlocked the true potential of the basement, creating a secure and spacious living space for our clients. The strengthened foundation not only provided additional room for the family to thrive but also ensured the long-term structural integrity of the property. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our team at IcyReno is dedicated to delivering outstanding underpinning services that redefine the possibilities for basements in Toronto. If you’re ready to unlock the hidden potential beneath your feet, contact us today and let’s embark on a journey to transform your basement into a remarkable living space you’ve always dreamed of.

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