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Interior Waterproofing

We help reroute water inflow to a proper point of discharge by installing efficient drainage inside your home.

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    Keep Your Basement dry

    Top-Rated Interior Waterproofers in the GTA.

    Waterproofing describes the process of collecting, redirecting or removing water that leaks into the basement, out and away from your home. This is done by applying different materials and sealants, and installing drains.

    If you are experiencing water in your basement, it could be the result of a number of factors, including groundwater swelling, runoff and condensation. The solutions will depend on the cause and the severity of the leak. These solutions range from using a dehumidifier to keep the area dry, to installing a new drain system to allow the water to drain out of your basement.

    As qualified waterproofers in Toronto with years of experience, we are here to help you keep your interiors dry. We understand how stressful it can be to deal with water coming into your basement. We offer quick and affordable services, so you can get back to a leak-free basement.

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    The Benefits of Interior Waterproofing

    Interior waterproofing is done to dry or remove water that has already leaked into your basement. The main benefit of waterproofing is obvious – it gets the water out. However, there are quite a few other benefits that are important to note.

    Benefits of Interior Waterproofing:

    • The faster you get rid of the water, the less chance of mold growing, creating a healthier living environment. Note that mold grows extremely quickly, but the health effects can become permanent.
    • Waterproofing can help to prevent structural damage surrounding your home, which is typically caused when water seeps into the foundation, which can lead to more severe problems.
    • Protect your flooring, carpets, and anything else that could be the victim of water damage in your basement, racking up replacement costs.
    • Basement leaks are a very common problem. Having a leak-proof basement will increase the value and appeal of your home for future buyers.
    • Waterproofing your home will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are protected and you won’t have to check your basement for leaks every time it rains.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The main goal is to get your basement as dry as possible. If there is a small leak, you can use dehumidifiers and towels. If the leak is much larger, you can open your windows, and use a dehumidifier and a wet vacuum to get rid of the water. You will also want to remove or protect anything that could be damaged by the water and grow mold – furniture, carpeting, flooring, etc. These are short-term solutions, but you will need to call waterproofing experts to diagnose the source of the leak and determine long-term solutions.

    The time range depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the leak, the source of the leak, the type of foundation, etc. The job could take anywhere from a day to weeks to complete. Also note, if you need work done on your foundation, you will need to wait for the ground to be dry, meaning you will have to try to keep the basement as dry as possible until you find a period without rain for the waterproofers to start working on the repair.

    Precipitation and runoff are absorbed into the ground. Over time, the water sitting against your foundation can cause cracks. At first, these cracks may be smaller. Eventually, especially with a lot of consistent rain or water, the cracks will expand, allowing water to seep through, into your basement.

    Interior waterproofing consists of a series of pipes and drains that make up a drainage system. Water from leaks are caught in this system, and brought to a sump pit, where the water is stored. Once the water reaches a certain level, the sump pump will automatically start pumping the water out and away from your home. These pumps are usually equipped with a backup battery for extra precaution.